vCN Reeeaaach Challenge

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One of the primary benefits of utilizing video in your business is reach. Make one just video and, all of a sudden, you can talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time of day.

That is the basis for the vCN Reeeaaach Challenge. Built to be the initial challenge of joining the vidwheel Creator Network (vCN), this month-long challenge will teach you:

Week 1

  • The importance and uses of video in your business
  • How to get the most out of the video gear that you already own

Week 2

  • How to explore your ideal market (who you should be talking to)
  • How to refine your marketing message (what you should be saying)

Week 3

  • How to live-produce a simple talking-head style video (no editing!!!)

Week 4

  • How to create and publish an Intro Video and start to reeeaaach with your own business.

And - yes - you can move at your own pace. Fast or slow.

While it is designed to be a month-long challenge, don't let that stop you if you are feeling enthusiastic and want to get it done in a week or if life gets in the way and it takes you a few months. The point is to learn the skills that will allow you to easily and efficiently create video content to reach your best-fit clients anywhere/anytime.

I want this!

This challenge is comprised of five individual courses that include:

Video Confidence: Master Your Setup
Learn the benefits of video for your business and get the best looking/best sounding video stream for meetings, live video streaming and content creation with the gear that you already own.
Ideal Market Exercise
Look at your current client list. Who is the best fit for your business and find more of them? This exercise will help you clearly see which clients and customers are best for your business.
Ideal Message Exercise
Your message bears a lot of responsibility for whether or not your video strategy is going to be effective. Does yours check all the boxes?
Instant Talking Head Videos
Save time on post-production (editing, graphics, etc) - like all the time. Because there's no post production on an Instant Talking Head Video.
Create an Introduction Video
It is time to put all of the pieces together. Your camera setup looks good, you know the Who, What Why and how to capture it - let's make an introduction video. It goes great anywhere (like email signatures and your LinkedIn profile).
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vCN Reeeaaach Challenge

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I want this!